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Moonicorn Sighting by natyismyhero Moonicorn Sighting :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 1 1 Storm Watching by natyismyhero Storm Watching :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 10 0
The Scene- Day 9. - i
The scene is thus.
I am sitting in a rock lined pool. Dark green and brown moss, dead and soaked, cling fiercely to the outcroppings. Behind me, a steady bubble of water burbles and sighs, the only sound in my morning reverie. On my left, huge drifts of snow loom over me, leading further up the embankment to a line of ancient spruce framed by steel sky.
On my right, in the mere, a gently decreasing slope sends water tinkling over smooth slate. The small stream opens up to a series of low pools, steam issuing from warmer spots of water. There is marsh ground about, but it is deeply covered with soft round snow. Low hummocks give way to sparse forests of twisted black spruce that sink into the marsh.
Beyond lie the mountains, at this moment heavily clouded and obscured by snow. But I know the peaks well, having oft gazed at them with a painful sense of awe.
There is finally light enough to write by, and the first chirrups of of birdsong has reached my ears, though dawn is still long in c
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 0 0
The Moonicorn by natyismyhero The Moonicorn :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 2 0 Starshine by natyismyhero Starshine :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 11 4 Pirate Moon by natyismyhero Pirate Moon :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 47 6
Mature content
To Kiss in Black and White :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 7 0
Blue Jeans
These old blue jeans, frayed from innumerable rips.
Given shape with hours of careful scissor snips.
Threaded maps on calves and knees,
Vast continents isolated in lonely denim seas.
For hours I've navigated from hip to toe
Every inch of adventure the fabric shows
Til all my fingertips can find,
A hem, an end, charted territory left behind.
Not daring to move, I've stood upon that brink,
Feeling how my fingers slowly try to sink
Beyond the cloth, into the dark, down to the world beneath
To see what warm soft treasures I'm longing to bequeath.
But still my fingers will remain, caressing the rips and seams.
And travel through the world I've mapped, on faded, ripped blue jeans.
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 2 0
The Ballad of Django
I have a small pink elephant
He is my imagination.
And when I'm stuck for words and rhymes
He is my inspiration.
In a moment's pause, pen poised in hand
Me hesitant, and uninspired,
One look at my clever lad
And the spark is soon refired!
He jangles sweetly in my mind
Harmonious, mischievous, endearing.
And ink splatters across the empty page
As I feel new verses nearing.
He follows me on chiming feet
As soft as snowflakes falling.
His trumpeting call is bright and gay,
Like triumphant angels calling.
He bids me go and seize the day,
To refuse to let life jade me.
And if I need a moment's muse,
I can use the joy he gave me.
And through my life, from now and then,
Depending on how things go,
I know this poem will always make me smile.
The Ballad of the Pink Elephant, Django.
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 0 4
Storm Warrior by natyismyhero Storm Warrior :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 9 2
Mature content
.:a sonnet:. :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 2 4
No Escape

In the fluttering of my mind,
Where darker things unwind.
Open my eyes, and I am blind.
My madness, as ever, is only mine.
To Morpheus' grasp I seek relief
Like a throbbing knot of want.
Where things reside beyond belief.
And follow in a ghostly haunt.
Memories rip with tiny teeth,
Shredding all my lies.
Baring all that's hid beneath
And scattering it to empty skies.
I latch on to the current of doubt.
It courses my body, through and throughout.
A night of clean, cold, and hard.
A starless sky, vast and without.
Where there is no buffer for what I've kept barred.
A vortex of loathing, directed within
Hollowing out everything beneath the skin.
In soundless agony I begin to scream.
Being unable to escape this rippling dream.
Where nothing, like they say, is as it seems.
And galaxies are ripped by the seams
And it isn't what it always means.
And pain is ruling all supreme.
And you can't escape.
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 2 0
sacrifice by natyismyhero
Mature content
sacrifice :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 19 12
Lady North
Attend, and let me tell you of this lady North of mine.
A weird and wild beauty, with a presence strangely divine.
When men come up to find her, they remain and always are true
(Though this breed of men is aging fast, as their numbers fall to few)
To a code of respect if you want to survive in the harshness of her wild,
That long after men have come and gone, will still be undefiled.
And this code of trust is simple; all she commands for men to do
Is to give such aid to others as you would have them give aid to you.
For my lady fair is a ruthless maid, with no regard for a fool.
As she can be both hot and cold, so too is she kind and cruel.
But ever yet I gaze upon her strange and wondrous beauty.
Forever hers, forever guarding, her solitude is my duty.
And oh to have the summer days and guard the winter nights,
The stunted trees, the lone bull moose, and the dancing northern lights.
The 'squites that try to suck you dry, the river sweeping pine.
Surreal colors, lonely sounds, a fai
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 3 16
.bittersweet. - Details by natyismyhero .bittersweet. - Details :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 3 0 .bittersweet. by natyismyhero .bittersweet. :iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 19 6


clockwork violin sculpture by richardsymonsart clockwork violin sculpture :iconrichardsymonsart:richardsymonsart 992 37 Remy 2 by HauntingVisionsStock Remy 2 :iconhauntingvisionsstock:HauntingVisionsStock 46 16 see you at Fanimecon by jiuge see you at Fanimecon :iconjiuge:jiuge 8,342 261 Fairy Queen by animelovers21 Fairy Queen :iconanimelovers21:animelovers21 48 10 My Brush Pack by DanLuVisiArt My Brush Pack :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 62,474 5,053 La Boheme by Raipun La Boheme :iconraipun:Raipun 3,410 465 nature at night by dart12001 nature at night :icondart12001:dart12001 1,747 253 Emerald by TylerCreatesWorlds Emerald :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 1,856 194 The Ghost Nebula by TylerCreatesWorlds The Ghost Nebula :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 6,406 604 graveyard 1 by mene89 graveyard 1 :iconmene89:mene89 1,465 79 +By my grace+ by lys-vintergata
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+By my grace+ :iconlys-vintergata:lys-vintergata 2,570 198
Dragonfly by hodryronja Dragonfly :iconhodryronja:hodryronja 1,843 124 girl in front of a painting. by megatruh girl in front of a painting. :iconmegatruh:megatruh 9,155 528 my undefiled by starstray my undefiled :iconstarstray:starstray 3,472 168 Elephant Hawk Moth Portrait by Sarahorsomeone Elephant Hawk Moth Portrait :iconsarahorsomeone:Sarahorsomeone 2,231 277 Capricorn by SteamPoweredFish Capricorn :iconsteampoweredfish:SteamPoweredFish 7 1


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ugly beauty :iconotrofco:otrofco 6 9
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Well here I am! I said I would start updating in February! How's that for procrastination?

Anyways I have a new project underway

The Season's: Night project I am hoping to finish, but have no real expectations of it happening.

Anyways, thats that!

Ciao, babies!




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